Life, don’t talk to me about life



Whilst working on the electronic side of the robot, I have also been learning how to draw 3d objects using Fusion 360 so that we can 3d print the body and head.

I had completed the first draft of the head and wanted to test that it could be 3d printed.  As a 3d printing newbie, I am still learning what can and can’t be printed without additional supports.


Whilst we don’t have our 3d printer yet – it is on backorder and unlikely to arrive before January, I am lucky enough to have one at work that I could use.

Printing the head also starts to bring Marvin to life, especially as the eyes are designed so that they can be backlight.  To start to see what he will look like, we wired up a couple of LEDs on a bench power supply.  The results can be seen in the photo above.  In the final design, we hope to be able to adjust the brightness of the LEDs using a PWM output from the GPIO.



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