3d printing success

The build of the 3d printer went very well with only a few minor hiccups.  After some successful test prints, I decided it was time to go for the big one and attempt to print the main outer shell of Marvin. This went relatively well except that one of corners lifted slightly from the heatbed.... Continue Reading →


Building the electronics

The first stage in building the electronics was to make a mock up to check that all of the bits we intended to use worked together. For simplicity, we bought in various modules for the voltage regulator, the amplifier and the motor controllers.  Initially, we "bodged" these together on a bit of stripboard and hooked... Continue Reading →

3D Printing soon !

It's been a while since the last update and over Christmas, the project hasn't progressed much. We have however, made a Printed Circuit Board base plate to attach all of the electronic parts to and that is in the process of being populated - fingers crossed it is all correct. In November, we pre-ordered a... Continue Reading →

Mobility Issues Part 2

After deciding the previous motors were not fast enough, we searched for an alternative.  We came across the micro metal gear motors sold by Pimoroni. Calculations showed that The 50:1 ratio motor attached to the moon buggy wheels (Also sold by Pimoroni) would give us double our previous speed - approx 1m/S. As before, we... Continue Reading →

Mobility issues

After ordering the brushless motors, wheels and hubs we decided to try them to see how fast they were.  We had already calculated the speed at approx 0.5m/S but as with most things it is better to see it for real. Unfortunately, when the parts arrived, it was clear that the hubs weren't designed to... Continue Reading →

CamJam October 2017

I went to the CamJam in October with my family.  The thing I liked the most was the Logic Gate game. The aim of the game was to say which type of logic gate was used based on which lights were on.  The reason it was so much fun is that you had to touch... Continue Reading →

Taking Control

We had already decided that a game controller would be an ideal way of controlling our robot and had previously had a reasonably successful attempt at doing this on the first robot kit we built using the CAMJAM Edukit #3 and the cwiid python library. We attended the CAMJAM on the 14th October 2017 where we... Continue Reading →

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